Witness at Olivia Pratt-Korbel’s accused killer trial ‘didn’t want cash reward’

A witness in the trial of the man accused of killing nine-year-old school girl Olivia Pratt-Korbel has claimed she was “never interested” in the financial rewards of going to the police about Thomas Cashman, a court heard.

During today's hearing at Manchester Crown Court, it was heard how Cashman, 34, had let himself into the unnamed woman's house on the night the young girl was shot dead in August 2022.

Olivia died after being shot at her family home on Kingsheath Avenue, Dovecot, Liverpool.

The court heard a bullet passed through the front door, hitting her in the chest after passing through mum Cheryl's hand.

The gunman had been chasing Joseph Nee, 36, who was trying to escape from the scene.

Cashman, of Grenadier Drive in West Derby, denies Olivia's murder and any involvement in the shootings.

Today his barrister, Professor John Cooper, KC, continued cross-examining the witness.

When asked by counsel about the financial reward on offer from Crimestoppers she said: “No, we had a discussion, I think it was about a month ago.

“We mentioned it in one of the (police) interviews – I went mad.

“We’ve risked our lives to come forward with this information, and they put that money up.

“We’ve jeopardised our lives, we’ve come and told you the information.

“Why would you do that?

“But it was good, they wanted to find the weapon basically, and more witnesses.

“I’ve never asked or been interested in the money, and when we came forward on day two, there was not a reward at all.

“We already come forward first – there’s no way shape or form we would be entitled to the money.”

Cashman also pleaded not guilty to two counts of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, namely a 9mm calibre self-loading pistol and a 0.3 calibre revolver.

The trial continues.

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