Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol expands to Elmwood neighbourhood

Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol has taken a step forward in expanding its patrol group within the city.

At 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the Indigenous-led neighbourhood watch group patrolled the Elmwood and Chalmers neighbourhoods for the first time.

The new volunteer safety group was joined by other Bear Clan members for support and as a way to welcome newcomers to the group.

The Bear Clan also patrols in the North End, West End, Point Douglas and West Broadway neighbourhoods.

The group said many residents stopped to say hello and thanked them for increasing their patrols within the city.

The Bear Clan Patrol was originally created in 1992 as a volunteer safety group but, after several years, discontinued its patrols. Years later, the group returned to the Winnipeg streets in 2015.

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