Whiskas among big-brand pet foods hit by global shipping issues

Supermarkets are facing pet food shortages with products hit by global shipping and supply issues.

Whiskas and some Nestle-owned cat and dog food products are among those affected, and some pet owners are facing having to switch from their favourite product.

A Countdown spokesperson confirmed it was experiencing shortages, with Whiskas products especially impacted.

“The issue is both supply and shipping delays. There should be plenty of other cat food from the other major suppliers. We are hoping for more consistent supply next month.”

A spokesperson for Mars NZ, the company behind Whiskas, confirmed the shortage was due to ongoing port, shipping and manufacturing constraints.

“As pet lovers ourselves, we know that current shortages of some Mars pet food product lines are proving frustrating for pet owners.

“We want to reassure New Zealand pet parents that we’re working hard to have their pet’s favourite foods back in stock as quickly as possible.”

Mars Petcareannounced in 2019 that it would close its Whanganui factory and move the production of cat food pouches from Castlecliff to Thailand.

Nestle, which has the Purina pet food products, confirmed it too had some shortages across its range which meant some pet owners may have to change flavour or to another product temporarily.

“However, generally there is product available.”

The conglomerate said its supply issue was driven by a number of factors, including in the global shipping industry, in the US, and in local ports.

Its cat food range had been most affected, as it is imported, primarily from the US, it said.

“While some dog food products are affected, overall the impact is less as some brands are manufactured here in New Zealand.”

The spokesperson said the company appreciates that shortages create difficulties for pet owners.

“We’re doing everything we can to boost supply in-store.

“Replenishment stock arrived late last week which will flow through to more availability in store later in the week, and we continue to monitor availability closely.”

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