What was Boris Johnson painting – photo of PM at billionaire’s villa goes viral

Boris Johnson along with his wife, Carrie Symonds, and their 17-month-old son, Wilf, have been relaxing on Spain's Costa del Sol in recent days.

The Prime Minister has come under fierce criticism for going on holiday while the country suffers with a fuel crisis and HGV driver shortage, along with the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Johnson was pictured painting while staying at billionaire Tory and House of Lord peer, Zac Goldsmith's mansion in Marbella.

The Daily Mirror on its front page this morning blasted the PM saying: "The country's in crisis and his deadly mishandling of Covid is being condemned by bereaved families and MPs.

"So where's the PM? He's playing with his paint set at his billionaire pal's villa."

People have taken to Twitter with some blasting Mr Johnson for his actions, while others are defending him.

But some have taken the opportunity and tweeted their ideas of what the Prime Minister could be painting.

@digitalsunshine tweeted a painting of a blonde man and a dog titled "I love m**f" and captioned the tweet, "As the country slips deeper into crisis, Boris Johnson is papped at his swanky villa, indulging his passion for painting. Here, we give you an exclusive first glimpse of his handiwork."

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@iampetmutton tweeted a picture of what looks like a children's drawing of a house, along with the sun and the sky, captioning the tweet, "Britain in crisis… and where is Boris? Playing with his paint set in sunny Spain. Here's one of his paintings…"

@DJBSackett tweeted a drawing of what looks like Boris Johnson, shooting himself in the foot while a grim reaper stands behind him holding a virus symbol and the EU flag in front of him, captioning it as a "self-portrait".

Some Twitter users have even suggested that the PM is trying to replicate Winston Churchill's famous picture of him painting, with @daverain asking, "Is Boris trying to do a Winston Churchill while painting at his luxury villa holiday in Spain."

The public's speculation will continue to be rife until the PM decides to release his work of art for all to see.

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