Weak-kneed! Joe Biden blasted over push for Iran deal in Middle East trip – Disaster!

Joe Biden appears to ‘shake hands with thin air’

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US President Joe Biden faced criticism after he jetted off to the Middle East. Nile Gardiner, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, was among those to slam the 46th President.

Sharing a clip of Nikki Haley on Twitter, Mr Gardiner said: “Sending the right message to weak-kneed Joe Biden, whose foreign policy has been an absolute disaster.”

Ms Haley, who served as Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, has been tipped as a potential challenger to Mr Biden in the 2024 US Presidential Election.

However, a recent opinion poll by Morning Consult found Ms Haley has just three percent support, compared to 52 percent for Mr Trump and 21 percent for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Despite falling behind the Republican frontrunners, Ms Haley took aim at Mr Biden on Fox News.

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The ex-South Carolina Governor said: “It’s so interesting how wrong he continues to get foreign policy, and we’re going to be dealing with foreign policy for the next 10 years because of all the failures that he’s done.

“First of all, going to Israel, you’ve got to understand that getting in the Iran deal is counter to their survival.

“And if you want peace in that region, the Iran deal is the last thing you need to be getting into.

“Then you have him going to Saudi Arabia and it’s unbelievable to me that he’s going to Saudi to beg for oil when he should be begging our energy producers for forgiveness.

“We shouldn’t ever go to another country to depend on anything.”

Ms Haley added: “What he does need to make sure that he gets out of the Saudi visit is how we’re going to counter Iran.

“This is a country that says ‘death to America’ and the region, all of the Arab countries know the dangers of Iran.

“Israel knows the dangers of Iran.

“It’s like Biden’s the only one that doesn’t understand how dangerous this country is, the number one sponsor of terror and you’re going to try and fall all over yourself to get into a deal with them.”

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During his visit to the Middle East, Mr Biden claimed his predecessor made a “gigantic mistake” in withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal.

Mr Biden also said: “The only thing worse than the Iran that exists now is an Iran with nuclear weapons.”

He added: “If that was the last resort, yes . . . Iran cannot get a nuclear weapon.”

Tehran’s state media even claimed the US had been using “Iranophobia” during Mr Biden’s visit.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said: “The United States has once again sought to create tension and crisis in the region by appealing to the failed policy of Iranophobia.”

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