We won on EuroMillions and the best thing we bought was ride-on lawn mowers

We have all dreamed of what we would buy if we won the National Lottery including luxury homes, supercars and expensive jewellery – but surprisingly a ride-on lawnmower is the top choice with winners.

The National Lottery has revealed what millionaire winners are buying with their winnings ahead of the mega £191M EuroMillions jackpot tonight(Friday) which could make the UK’s biggest-ever winner.

The National Lottery has revealed that millionaires are focusing on a life of parallel lines and shaded stripes all delivered by the ultimate millionaire mean machine – the ride-on mower.

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The poll of real life National Lottery big winners revealed that over a third (37%) of them have indulged in the ultimate garden gadget, with 34% admitting to spending between £2,000 – £5,000 on the lust-list item.

The research also revealed that one in five (17%) enjoy mowing more than driving their car, admitting that cruise control, a good clean cut and a beer holder are the must-have mower features they looked for in their pimped up ride.

Amongst the lawn loving winners are Wayne and Desiree Home who’s luck changed for the better in 2015 when the Kent couple scooped £1M on the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker.

Wayne said: “I have to be honest, before the win a ride-on mower wasn’t on my wish list, top of the list at the time was a motorbike but when I sit back and survey my perfect lawn, it does bring me almost as much joy as a motorbike might have!"

For Susan Herdman from North Yorkshire, who won £1.2M on Lotto in 2010, the ride-on mower has become something of an obsession that only she is allowed to use.

Susan said, “A year after the win I relocated to Yorkshire to be with my partner on a farm with 150 acres, so a normal lawn mower wasn’t going to cut it – not all of that gets mowed of course as it takes hours to mow everywhere that needs it!

"I didn’t fancy a sit-down mower initially as I always thought it wouldn’t be fast enough for me but now I don’t let anyone else cut the grass as they tend to go around in circles rather than cutting in straight lines!”

Graham and Amanda Neild, from Wakefield, scooped a £6.6M Lotto jackpot in August 2013 and needed to upgrade from a standard mower after building their dream home, complete with a paddock just under an acre.

Graham said, “We never had a garden that was large enough for a ride-on mower so it never really entered our heads to get one.

"We had our home built following our win and then bought a paddock which is just under an acre, but I have to confess we have never actually measured it – it is plenty big enough for us! It takes around two hours to mow and I cut it every week in the height of the season – I never let anyone else cut it!”

Matt Myles, from Herefordshire, was 27 when he won £1M on EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker in 2014. An electrical engineer at the time of his win, Matt always had a ride-on mower at the top of his winner wish list.

Matt said, “I have always wanted a ride-on mower, you know you have made it when you have a ride-on! Life goal, ticked! When we bought our new home it didn’t have lots of land, so we bought the field behind it. I’d like to say we got the mower for the field but in reality we got the field for the mower!”

Matt, who now has a successful car business, loves his mower so much that he even prefers it to driving his limited edition Audi.

He added, “I love cars, which is why it’s now my business, but I can honestly say that I enjoy mowing more than driving. It’s very therapeutic, you don’t have to concentrate too hard – other than on getting nice clean lines.

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