‘War is inevitable! Fury erupts at EU ‘dragging’ continent into conflict

Ukraine: Nuclear incident is 'imminent' says plant worker

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The body will discuss the potential launch of a major military operation for Ukrainian forces in neighbouring nations. Chief diplomat Josep Borrell is hoping the proposal will be approved adding that it would be a “big mission”. But French MEP Thierry Marini has slammed the idea as “madness”, accusing the EU of wanting to “drag” Europe into the war.

Mr Marini said: This is exactly how the American involvement in the Vietnam War began: in May 1959, the American commander-in-chief, Pacific sector, began sending military advisers… we know how it ended.

On the way to war…but without saying so. Sending European military advisers to Ukrainian soil will quickly switch us to belligerent status, because, as was the case in Vietnam, their participation in operations will be inevitable. This is madness the EU wants to drag us into!”

Mr Borrell failed to say how the training would be conducted but confirmed it wouldn’t take place in Ukraine. Instead, troops would be coached in neighbouring Poland, the Czech Republic, the UK, and France.

He said: “It seems reasonable that a war that is lasting and looks set to last requires an effort not only in terms of supplies of material but also training and help to organise the army,”

“When we provide arms, these are quite sophisticated, and they have to be used – and in order to be used, they require quite an important training,” he said, adding: “But we are not going to do that in Ukrainian territory.”

It comes as tensions between Russia and Ukraine rise over air strikes in the Zaporizhzhia region, the home of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

The two sides have traded blame over the frequent shelling of the plant as fears grow of a catastrophic event.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky warned Russia would try “something ugly” this week ahead of Ukraine’s Independence Day which also marks six months since the invasion began.

Fearing an attack, officials in Kyiv banned public events marking Ukraine’s independence from Soviet rule in 1991.

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The US has now urged citizens to leave Ukraine, saying it believes Russia is preparing to target civilian and government infrastructure.

“The Department of State has information that Russia is stepping up efforts to launch strikes against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure and government facilities in the coming days,” the embassy said in a statement.

US citizens should leave Ukraine “now” by their own means if it was safe to do so, it said.

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