‘Vulgar’ show slammed over clip of young girl made to dance and be kissed by man

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The internet is being revolted by a weird TV show where kids from as young as four are made to dance and even be kissed by grown men.

The show is Super Dancer – an Indian Hindi reality TV series where judges search for a child with potential to be the "future of dance".

Some Twitter users, however, have slammed it as anything but – stating the "vulgar" show is actually objectifying and sexualising young girls, some of whom are aged up to only 13.

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"This is what baby girls are being made to do in name of 'talent'. Where will this talent take them?," one angry Twitter user said.

Another said: "Had similar thoughts this week while watching a episode on YT, it's vulgar for the age of the kid participating."

"And this has not stopped.. Which authority shud we raise this issue with?," someone questioned with frustration.

People were stunned at the clip of one young girl, who can't be older than six, being kissed by a fully-grown male dancer.

"Sh*tttt. Was that a kiss in the end???!," a Twitter user was shocked to see.

Another added: "Blame the parents for putting their kids through these vulgar dance moves, dancing in front of judges who just lech at these kids."

Others also put the parents to blame with one commenting: "Selfish parents are to be blamed here equally."

While another added: "This is so cheap! Where are the parents? Making this tiny child dance to cheap lyrics with terrible moves. Stop exploiting of children on TV."

After auditions, 12 contestants are picked to compete for the title and are paired with a choreographer who trains, choreographs and also performs with the contestant.

Judges on the show include Shilpa Shetty, an Indian actress who once appeared on Big Brother in 2007 alongside British contestant Jade Goody.


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