Viral review of cave restaurant leads to fears diners might die if they go there

A bizarre restaurant built inside a cave is under investigation after an influencer's review of it went viral.

The Cave, part of The Edge Hotel in South Kuta, Bali, was reportedly built in 2013 and hosts live shows.

According to Selphie Bong, who reviewed it on TikTok earlier this month, the rocks in the cave system erode at a rate of one centimetre every 300 years.

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The specific cave where the restaurant is located is thought to be millions-of-years-old and was found by the hotel when they were digging the site.

"If you want to come, I suggest you come earlier in the morning so you can explore the place, take a tour inside the cave and take pictures," Selphie said in her review.

She added that the restaurant’s food temperature could be improved but praised the IDR1.5million (£83.45) price for a seven-course meal.

According to Coconuts, her review went viral this weekend after it was reuploaded by other social media accounts.

Many people online disapproved of the concept, expressing concerns over environmental damage and diner safety.

It was claimed that human interference in the cave system could cause stalactites and stalagmites to collapse. Others said the restaurant itself is at risk of caving in.

“I hope they can maintain the sustainability of the stalactites. My heart also hurts,” Selphie said replying to comments.

The public outrage peaked the attention of South Kuta District Chief Ketut Gede Arta, who has since sent Public Order Agency officers to inspect the restaurant.

The Edge Hotel told authorities that they limit operational hours and keep guest numbers at 20 each day to avoid safety issues.

They also confirmed they found the cave when digging at the site.

Police were not assured whether the hotel had obtained a permit to build the restaurant in the cave, thus they wrote to Badung’s city’s Capital Investment.

Separately, Badung Regent I Nyoman Giri Prasta pledged to investigate the restaurant himself, according to NusaBali.

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He said that there would probably be no issues unless the cave was being used for religious activities.

"Look at the history of how it used to be. Is history just for shelter with the term we used to get out of the way or hide, or what? If it is used in terms of benefits without reducing the sacredness, especially the religious people in our area, namely Hindus, I don't think there is a problem," he explained.


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