Vegans are banned from Mars as NASA won’t take ‘picky eaters’ on Red Planet trip

Vegans are banned from Mars as NASA screens out "picky eaters" from long trips to the Red Planet.

Space agency chief Jim Bridenstine has promised to land humans on Mars as early as 2035.

But astronauts on fad diets won't be able to go on the years-long journey, NASA scientist Dr Gioia Massa has said.

She told Houston We Have a Podcast that "picky eaters" will be screened out.

Dr Massa said: "That's definitely true. You actually can't have dietary restrictions, I don't think, when you're selected, or that is something, because the diet is shared by so many and because it's so carefully developed to make sure that they can get all the nutrition that they need. They don't want any picky eaters."

The scientist heads up the Veggie project on the International Space Station and last year received President Donald Trump's Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

Confirming "you will eat it and you will like it", she added: "Yeah. But you do miss things like fresh juicy, you know, crispy vegetables because that's not really a texture or, you know, a combination that you get.

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"So, I've heard from a number of crew that thought, you know, 'I thought I'd want a pizza or cheeseburger the first thing that I got back, and all I really wanted was a salad.' So that's kind of interesting."

Dr Massa has been interested in growing plants in space since learning about it in an agriculture class when she was 12 years old.

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