Urgent warning as super-strength ‘flame’ pills circulate this New Year Eve

Potentially deadly ecstasy tablets have flooded Manchester in time for huge New Years Eve celebrations, leading to fears that revellers taking drugs could be at risk throughout Britain.

Massive parties are set to take place across the country to mark the end of 2022, with boozy Brits hitting the town up and down the country.

But punters looking to consume more than just alcohol have been warned about super-strength orange pills dubbed ‘flame’.

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The embossed tablets are shaped as a flame and around a centimetre wide, reports Manchester Evening News.

Experts from the Manchester Drug, Analysis and Knowledge Exchange – known by the acronym MANDRAKE – shared details of the alert on its social media platforms and an image of the tablets concerned.

Researchers said the tablets had been tested and found to contain cathinone, a relation to the amphetamine family of drugs, in a higher than normal dose.

It comes after cops warned parents to look out for certain emojis on their kids’ phones that could signal drug use.

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Officers suggested dealers could be using a discreet emoji tactic to urge teens to take drugs.

They urged parents to become “emoji aware” and shared graphics of popular icons on social media to encourage adults to guess their hidden meaning.

Ecstasy is depicted using a devil icon, a skull, an alien, or a tentacled monster, they said.

Cocaine is represented by the nose emoji, a fish, a petrol pump, a snowman or a snowflake whilst ketamine and Nitrous Oxide are represented using the horse and balloon icons.

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