Underground bunker found at homeless camp with guns and £85k of stolen goods

Police have found an "underground bunker" at a homeless encampment containing guns and £85,000-worth of stolen goods.

San Jose Police Department in California, US, made the shocking discovery on Monday (July 11) following an investigation into a commercial burglary.

The bunker had been built into Coyote Creek and was fitted with electricity, which police believe was "plugged into somebody else’s source".

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Inside they found construction equipment, power tools, three shotguns and boxes of ammunition among other things, all with a total worth of $100k (£84.7k).

Police said the items "will be returned to the victims, including the locally owned business" that was at the centre of the burglary investigation.

They also confirmed that six people had been arrested on "a variety of charges".

Jose Police Sergeant Christian Camarillo told KNTV: "There are a lot of smart people living down there.

"It takes skill with engineering, construction, to build something like that."

Locals are now concerned that underground bunkers like the one discovered could spread across San Jose.

There were also worries given the proximity of Coyote Creek to schools.

"I imagine there are probably several more places like that around town, with just how frequently tools in specific are being taken from construction sites," resident Ashley King, a teacher whose family owns a construction company, told ABC7 News.

"To see weapons like that, rifles, stuff that could do damage, serious damage.

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"Weapons that could hurt anybody, especially children, from far away, with precision… That is just so incredibly disturbing."

In a statement provided to Fox News, the San Jose Police Department said they "don't have information as to how widespread or a number on how many bunkers/encampments exist like this in San Jose".

They added that latest estimates put the homeless population of the city at around 6,739, up 11 per cent compared to last year.


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