UKs worst motorway services where driver found King Kongs turd in toilet

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Motorway service stations are as much a part of our national character as Fish and Chips or losing in football tournaments – we simply can't get enough of them.

A good motorway service station is like a shopping centre on the dual carriageway filled with a wide array of delights and delicacies like KFC and Krispy Kremes.

But for every cracking motorway service (Beaconsfield) there's, unfortunately, a host of bad ones (Clacket Lane), as one survey has found.

Last year, Brindley Group decided to do God's work for the British public by producing a definitive ranking of the best and worst motorway services our sceptred isle has to offer.

To do this, the site took average review scores from TripAdvisor, Google Reviews and Motorway Services Online (MSO) and combined them to produce aggregated scores out of 5.

And the worst spot out of all of them was Telford Services located just off the M54 between junctions 38 and 39.

According to the site, Telford Services has an average score of just two stars with one user warning: "Stay hungry. Stay thirsty, Whatever you do, don't stop here."

On Google Reviews, the site which is home to a Burger King and Starbucks has less than a glowing reputation.

Common complaints levied against the motorway bolthole are that it's dirty and crowded with poor access for truckers.

One review reads: "So dirty! Food crumbs all over the floor, tables and counters. Bit coffee stain over serviette container that has obviously been there a while.

"No sanitiser at entrances, counters etc. Girl aimlessly wandering around with sweeper but not actually making any difference! Avoid at all costs!!"

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Another is slightly more graphic but paints a pretty vivid description.

It reads: "Someone had left a floater in the toilet that was about the same size as King Kong's forearm.

"I don't think I need to comment on the smell of the place. You get the point."

And like other wretched places of yore, many motorists remarked upon a peculiar odour which clung to the services.

They said: "There is such a horrid smell here that we had to eat in the car with the aircon on!!"

"From start to finish a really awful experience", opined another in an almost Eeyore-like tone.

The Daily Star has approached Telford Services for a response to the criticism.

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