Ukrainian refugee returning to war-torn home after being dumped

A distraught refugee is set on returning to war-torn Ukraine after being dumped by a British man who left his wife and kids for her.

British father-of-two Tony Garnett, from Bradford, told Sofiia Karkadym, 22, there was no chance they would ever be a couple again and he was keen to 'move on'.

The pair started a four-month affair just 10 days after Sofiia moved in, but police arrested her after a drunken row during which she rammed a kitchen knife into a wall and Tony declared he was ending the relationship.

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The 22-year-old went on to risk being arrested for a third time after she turned up again at her the home of her former lover, ignoring police instructions.

Tony decided to make contact with her once more after that, as he called her after hearing that she had been sobbing.

He told the Daily Mail: "I'm not heartless. I do feel sorry for her. But relationships do come to an end and this one is over. I hope we can be friends when all this hysteria has died down.

"I talked to her last night and told her that there was absolutely no chance of us getting back together.

"Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. She'll be much better off in Ukraine or if she gets a new relationship, good luck to her."

After briefly meeting with her Tony told MailOnline: "I allowed her in about 30 minutes. The police warned her before to stay away from me and my home. She needs to listen to them.

"I told Sofia again that we are finished. She said she was returning to her family in Ukraine and was actually more calmer which surprised me.

"But she mustn’t come back to my home. I don’t need any more dramas."

Since splitting up, Sofiia has been living in temporary accommodation while the Home Office and Ukrainian officials decide what her next move should be.

Sofiia spoke to MailOnline in floods of tears. She said: "I am glad that he is speaking to me again. I didn't want to break up with just a message that he sent me.

"It is a very difficult time for me as I love him very much. I can't let go so easily and I am lost here without any friends or family.

"I have told him that I will never drink again and that we could live happily together if he just gives me one more chance. But he is refusing and I don't know what to do next."

She added: "I may have to go back to Ukraine because I can't live like this much longer."

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Both Tony and Sofiia have received offers of love and adornment from other people, but neither seem interested.

The Ukrainian refugee said that a millionaire with a house in London had found her through social media and offered her a place to live and told her he has a gym she could use.

But she didn't like the idea of it, as she said: "I don't know this man. It sounds too weird. He says he's a millionaire. But that doesn't mean anything to me. Tony is worth many, many millions."

Tony has also received plenty of attention from other women, including two models in Dublin and a tattooist in Yorkshire, but said he needs some "me time" before moving on.

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