Ukraine LIVE: Putin nightmare as hundreds of Wagner mercenaries destroyed in single strike

Ukraine: Artillery targets Russian positions in Dibrova

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Soldiers from the Wagner Group, a private militia with alleged close links to the Kremlin, have been using a local sports stadium in Kadiivka as a training base. The stadium was targeted by Ukrainian forces yesterday, resulting in the deaths of up to 300 Russian mercenaries, according to reports. Serhiy Hayday, the head of Luhansk’s regional administration, tweeted: “Wagner base in occupied Luhansk region was destroyed, only one survived. The enemy base is located at the local stadium in Kadiivka, which the Russians brazenly occupied in 2014.”


Ukraine would’ve ‘already won war’ with better weapons in plea for more Western equipment

UKRAINIAN TROOPS would have “already beaten Russia” if they had “better weapons”, President Zelensky’s army said as they continue to fight the continued Russian onslaught.

Ukrainian troop leader Viktor Pokropyvayi stated that his troops are better trained than the occupying force, which has been littered with reports of low morale.

He told the Times: “We cannot compete in terms of equipment but our forces are better trained and are more determined than the invaders.

“We would have already won this war if we had better and bigger equipment. We need our allies to provide us with more weapons so that we can defeat the Russians.”

Andriy Bystrik, the spokesman for the Ukrainian military in the area around Zaporizhzhia, reiterated the point that without more supplies of heavy weapons from the West, the Ukrainian forces will find it difficult to push the Russians back far enough.

He said: “We are being outgunned, there is no doubt about that, but with more weapons the direction of the war would change very quickly.”

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