UK weather maps turn blood red as country preparing for ‘hottest summer ever’

The UK is set to swelter later this month under some of the highest temperatures ever seen in these parts, with weather records set to be broken.

Forecasters are predicting the mercury to smash through the 40C barrier for the first-ever time, with highs of 41C expected in some parts of the country.

Weather maps are turning blood red in anticipation of some extreme heat as an even greater heatwave is set to land on our doorsteps.

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Netweather meteorologist Nick Finnis said: “The GFS numerical weather prediction model has been churning out some eyebrow-raising temperature charts over the weekend – one deterministic run on Saturday forecasting record-breaking heat for England on July 16, with temperatures reaching 41C inland across southern England and East Anglia.”

Finnis expects temperatures to rise through this week as high pressure builds from the Azores, although north-western parts could experience rain and showers over the next few days.

The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Glaze also revealed the UK could experience some extreme heat.

He said: “The mid-30s are expected, but 35C or higher would not be a surprise (this month).

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“With parts of southern Europe experiencing extreme heat during the early part of the summer, there is the potential for the UK to import some of that if the pressure blocks across Europe and the North Atlantic fall into the right places.”

The Met Office say it will turn warmer from today (July 6) and although they haven’t put a figure on what temperatures thermometers will reach, they do predict a spell of hot weather.

A spokesman said: “We may see very warm or hot temperatures, especially across the south, and high pressure may extend across the UK. July 17-31 has temperatures becoming warmer throughout.”


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