UK weather forecast warns of ‘snow and thunderstorms’ as soon as next week

Action-packed UK weather reports are coming thick and fast as will showers of snow for parts of the country, according to a recent forecast.

Thunderstorms and snow could hit some Brits in equal measure next week as a report indicates "high pressure" as the month gets off to a "relatively unsettled" start.

From April 3 to April 9, one weather report has indicated that northern regions of Britain will experience some sleet and snow, as well as a patch of Arctic air.

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Eastern counties are set to be most affected by the cold snap conditions as temperatures plummet to 0C.

According to, most of the UK will be splashed with thundery showers but a few lucky folk can count on leaving their umbrella at home.

Those in central and southern England, though, have "sleet and snow" plus "heavy and thundery" downpours to come.

The report stated that "shallow low pressure systems" would move "from west to east across the British Isles, bringing bands of rain with them as well as brighter periods with showers".

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It's bad luck for those wanting a spritely springtime start to April, with snow is on the cards for eastern Scotland and north-east England due to "high pressure" developing "extensively to the north of the British Isles".

As such those areas are where "cold Arctic air is likely to head".

Yet there will be lucky people in the otherwise affects regions of Scotland, north-west England and Northern Ireland who are "likely to be sunny and dry", dodging the white stuff.

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