UK to be smashed by -7C Arctic plunge and disruptive snow in days

UK weather: Met Office forecasts cold temperatures

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The UK will be smashed by a brutal “Arctic plunge” in a matter of days that will see temperatures plummet, with one leading forecaster warning of the possibility of “disruptive” snow. The Met Office had warned a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) event is taking place – which could trigger bitterly cold snaps similar to what was seen with the infamous Beast from the East. THe latest weather maps turn icy blue on Saturday and Sunday that could see many parts of the UK shivering in temperatures that could plummet to as low as -3C in Scotland and -2 in northern England.

This brutal trend continues into next Monday as the whole of the UK map turns icy blue before the Arctic freeze really begins to take hold next Tuesday that could see temperatures plunge to as low as -7C in Scotland.

The freezing weather rapidly spreads southwards heading into the early hours of next Wednesday that could see temperatures throughout Britain struggle get above freezing.

The “Arctic plunge” continues to really make its presence felt throughout next Thursday (March 9) with temperature lows of -7C now showing in Wales.

UK weather maps also show the mercury could plunge to as low as -4C in the Midlands and Northern England, with -3C showing in and around London.

The map remains icy blue next Friday (March 10) that could see temperatures across all of the UK struggle to get above freezing.

But this Arctic deep freeze could also trigger a band of “disruptive” snow that could see several inches dumped on parts of the country.

Next Wednesday (March 8) the UK weather maps show a widespread threat of snow that could see 4cm fall in northern Scotland and 3cm further south in northern England.

However, the threat of snow ramps up significantly on March 11 that could see as much as 10cm bury parts of eastern Scotland, 4cm in northern England and 2cm in the North West and Wales.

The UK weather maps show the heavy snow threat may not let up heading towards the middle of next month, with the possibility of 12cm falling in an area of northern Scotland on March 14.

Brian Gaze from The Weather Outlook has warned an “Arctic plunge” could smash into the UK as soon as this weekend with a scenario next week “that could lead to a battleground scenario and disruptive snow fall”.

He told “An Arctic plunge is expected to start sweeping southwards across the UK this weekend. Initially it leads to an increasing risk of snow showers in north eastern Britain.

“Computer models are showing the likelihood of cold air covering the UK early next week and the possibility of areas of low pressure starting to push up from the southwest.

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“If the mild and moist air associated with the low pressure areas bumps into the cold air over the UK it could lead to a battleground scenario and disruptive snow fall.

“However, the area of snow would be quite small so trying to pinpoint where it would hit at this range isn’t possible but on balance, it is more likely to be in the northern half of the UK.”

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist and Lead European Forecaster Tyler Roys told this website: “For the first full week of March, the pattern is likely to become unsettled across northwestern Europe. This will bring to an end the largely ‘quiet’ weather over the UK.

“While the main storm track is likely to be across southern Europe still, there is still likely that low pressure becomes stalled across southern Scandinavia. This would likely bring rounds of precipitation to the UK throughout the week.

“The coldest temperatures will remain across the Scottish Highlands and will occur at night next week. The rest of the UK could see temperatures drop during the night to around and to just below freezing.”

The Met Office has warned heading into towards the middle of March, there is an “increasing chance of it turning more unsettled, possibly bringing snow at times” with temperatures likely to be “below average” for this time of year.

For the period March 4-13, the Met Office has said: “The most likely scenario for Saturday is of a band of fragmented slight showers making some progress into the far northeast of the UK.

“Ahead of this a continuation of cloudy and cold conditions is most likely, with a few coastal showers.

“Colder air may ingress into northern and eastern areas at times, perhaps bringing wintry showers, with a low probability that these snow showers may become more widespread.

“Later in the period there is an increasing chance of it turning more unsettled, possibly bringing snow at times. Temperatures likely to be generally below average.”

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