UK street overrun with rats now a no-go area where brazen vermin taunt residents

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    A local council has been forced to act after one of Manchester's most densely populated area has become overrun by a rat infestation.

    Rusholme is home to more than 13,500 residents and is known for being birthplace of the Curry Mile – a huge stretch of road with nothing but Indian restaurants, takeaways and kebab houses.

    But it is quickly becoming a no-go area thanks to a plague of rats, the Manchester Evening News reports.

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    Local Yasmina Rakha, 40, said: “We’re being known for the ‘rodent-infested’ street because of other people dumping their waste.

    We’ve tried to fight this issue in the past to no outcome. Neighbours don’t feel as though things will change.

    “It’s embarrassing to live here – my house is clean and tidy, but we woke up at 3am last night after a mouse got into our kitchen and tripped the alarms.

    “We are looking to move, that's how sick and tired we are.”

    Videos and photos from taken by locals in the area have been going viral for weeks, showing rubbish strewn across streets and rats living inside the vast majority of it.

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    Some residents, such as Nyla Ali, have had to get cats to help keep them away.

    She said: “If you come out onto the road (the rats) will walk beside you.”

    However, it does appear that Manchester Council are finally starting to act.

    They admit to being “aware” of the ongoing issue and have said that they are going to put certain measures and treatments in place to try and stop it – although they do also appear to be blaming the residents and local businesses for the infestation.

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    A spokesman said: “Council officers are working with residents and businesses to continue treating the affected areas and local residents have been offered subsidised rats treatment plans by the council.

    “We'd like to remind residents and local businesses to remain vigilant about their waste and waste removal, as incorrect waste management is one of the factors that can lead to pest problems.”

    And Councillor Lee Ann Igbon, Executive Member for Vibrant Neighbourhoods, doubled-down on blaming the residents.

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    He said: “Unfortunately, incorrect waste management is a large contributing factor to rodent infestations.

    “It is totally unacceptable for rubbish like this to be dumped in alleyways – not only is it unhygienic, it is unsightly and unfair on residents who dispose of their waste responsibly.

    “I'd like to remind residents and local businesses to remain vigilant about their waste and waste removal.”

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