UK hot weather forecast: Heatwave NEXT WEEK as scorching new 25C map turns blood red

BBC Weather forecasts rising temperatures across Europe

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Umbrellas, rain macs and jumpers will be a thing of the past as scorching summer temperatures hit much of the UK. Detailed weather maps show high pressure building to the south west of the UK on Wednesday July 14 – which will spark a period of warm weather across Britain and Northern Ireland. Temperature charts show the mercury could rise to the low-20s before rising to highs of 25C on Sunday, July 18.

UK weather updates shared the detailed pressure map valid for Wednesday, July 14, which covers much of Europe, on Twitter and shows a large area of high pressure edging towards the UK.

The area of high pressure is shown by the large mass of deep red colour, as seen elsewhere on the continent.

The caption accompanying the chart read: “There it is! High pressure building in more readily in 5 days time.”

Temperature charts by Netweather show conditions will improve from July 14, with highs of 25C forecast in the capital.

Much of England will see temperatures of up to 24C, while Wales and Scotland will see the mercury rise to the low 20s.

The warm conditions are expected to continue through Thursday, before cooling slightly on Friday and Saturday.

But the hot weather is set to strike again from Sunday, July 18 as much of the UK is set to see temperatures soar.

A chart valid for 6pm on Sunday shows much of the country turn a dark red, as the mercury rises to the mid-20s.

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Highs of 25C are forecast in the capital, with other parts of the UK expected to hit 23 or 24C.

The hot temperatures will continue through the week, with 25C forecast again on Monday afternoon.

The higher temperatures are forecast in the south east, East Anglia and parts of the north east.

The rest of the week and into the weekend will also be warm and sunny, with temperatures set to reach the mid-20s.

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The Met Office said conditions are set to improve from the end of next week.

They said: “Warmer and drier than average conditions are most likely.

“The occasional unsettled spell of weather is still possible, particularly over northwestern areas, but overall most places will probably be mostly fine and dry. “Temperatures are expected to rise above average.

“For the rest of July and into early August, conditions are most likely to be warmer and drier than average.”

Netweather forecasts expect the week commencing July 19 to see heatwave-like conditions.

They said: “This week is the most likely to feature a significant heatwave for the UK, with southerly and south-easterly winds likely to feature as the fine anticyclonic weather breaks down from the west, potentially pulling some hot air masses up from southern Europe and also creating potential for thundery breakdowns.”

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