UK hot weather forecast: 29C scorcher to ROAST Britain in DAYS – maps show heatwave return

BBC Weather: UK forecast mix of sunshine and showers

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Due to this band of hot weather, forecasters have predicted the mercury rising to 29C (84F) for some parts of the country. London will see the highest temperatures on September 14 forecasters have said. The warm temperatures, however, will be widespread across the south of England next week.

For many Britons, the mercury will remain between 24-28C (75-82F) next Tuesday.

In Wales and the north of England, temperatures are expected to remain between 19-22C (66-71F) next week as Britons are given a blast of late sunshine according to graphs from forecaster, Netweather.

Commenting on the weather next week, Netweather predicted temperatures rising above the average for the time of year.

Due to this warm weather, temperature anomaly maps from WX Charts predict the mercury to be 4-6C (39-42F) higher than the average next Tuesday.

They said: “The general theme looks set to be high pressure to the north and north-east of the British Isles, and low pressure to the west and south-west, with shallow low pressure to the south.

“With winds over Britain often blowing from the south or south-east, temperatures will generally be above the long-term average for the time of year.

“The early part of this week will probably be relatively settled in the north and east, though with potential for some low cloud to head in off the North Sea into eastern parts of Scotland and also north-east England, mainly near North Sea coasts.”

According to the forecaster, the temperatures will rise on Monday as the heatwave arrives in the UK.

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According to temperatures charts, the mercury is to rise to 22C on Monday afternoon.

Again, the south of England will see the mercury rise to 22C while parts of the north will experience temperatures of 16C (60F).

This heatwave is expected to remain for most of the week before a wet weather front from the Atlantic arrives in the UK.

On Wednesday, the temperature levels will remain warm for the time of year.

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According to charts, the south of England will see a high of 24C next week.

Netweather concluded: “Rain or showers, potentially with some thunder, will especially affect Wales and the west and south of England.

“As the week progresses, this unsettled weather will probably push slowly north-eastwards to other parts of the country, with showers and longer spells of rain, but also some sunshine in between, and temperatures are expected to continue mostly above normal, perhaps with winds becoming south to south-westerly late in the week rather than south-easterly.

“The frequency of thunder is likely to be above average for much of the country.

“Mean temperatures are expected to be above the 1981-2010 long-term normal overall during this week, typically by around 2C, but by 1C or less near North Sea coasts, particularly in eastern Scotland and north-east England, due to onshore winds.

“There is some uncertainty over rainfall totals due to question marks over how far north and east the low pressure area will push, but broadly speaking it looks set to be drier than average in the north and east of Scotland, and wetter than average in Wales and central, western and southern England.

“Sunshine totals are expected to be below normal in south-western Britain and near some North Sea coasts in the north-east, but for most other regions they will tend to be above normal.”

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