UK heatwave will peak in a matter of days with Brits to bake in 28C blast

The exact date when the UK's upcoming heatwave will peak has been revealed, with millions of Brits set to bask in glorious 28C heat.

All weather forecasters have tipped temperatures across Britain to rise towards the end of this month and during the start of the next.

Already this week we saw the hottest temperature recorded in the UK so far this year with Cardiff Bute Park clocking in at 23.4C on Monday (May 22).

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The 23C mark has been breached elsewhere across the country at different points this week – and conditions look to be warming up further.

Sunday, June 4, will be the day the mercury rises the most, according to data from WX Charts.

Their data shows temperatures in and around London will be nearing 28C.

Elsewhere, the south coast of England could reach 25C. Birmingham is expected to top out at 26C, whereas Manchester could reach 27C.

Other parts of the country look set to be a notch or two cooler with South Wales clocking in at 23C, Glasgow at 24C, and Northern Ireland also in the low 20s.

The Met Office forecast for the start of June reads: "High pressure continuing to be the dominant feature at the start of the period. Most areas should remain predominantly dry with a fair amount of sunshine.

"Light winds are likely in most of the UK, but some southern and eastern areas will see breezier conditions.

"Remaining warm for most of the country, but feeling cooler along coasts, where onshore winds occur."

Regarding next week in general, Met Office Deputy Chief Forecaster Steven Keates said: "There is a strong signal the high pressure will continue to dominate our weather.

"Its exact position over the UK will dictate the temperature, wind direction and weather patterns, however, indications are that the dry, bright weather is likely to continue for most with little in the way of rain throughout next week."

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