UK heatwave temperatures mapped – where will be hottest tomorrow and this week

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Brits are set to bask in yet more heatwave conditions this week with the mercury possibly hitting 40C once more.

On July 19, the Met Office announced that a new record temperature was registered in Coningsby, Lincolnshire as temperatures in the UK breached the 40C mark for the first time ever.

There were also a number of travel disruptions and fires as a result of the heatwave.

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Now, advanced weather modelling maps reveal exactly when and where things will heat up this week.

Starting around midday tomorrow (August 9), predicts possible 39C and 40C highs in the middle and West of the country.

The Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, the West Midlands, as well as some regions as far North as Lincolnshire, should be particularly warm.

The South coast, East Anglia, the East Midlands and London can all expect temperatures in the mid-thirties tomorrow.

Outside of England things ought to be cooler, with forecasting 31C in South Wales, low to mid-twenties in Northern Ireland and similarly around Glasgow and Edinburgh, from around midday to 3pm.

Wednesday (August 10) will be much the same story.

Although temperatures aren't expected to hit 40C, people in East Anglia and the Midlands can expect potential highs of 37C and 38C from midday to 3pm.

London and the South will be one or two notches lower at those times, and the rest of the UK is expected to be as it were on Tuesday.

Thursday (August 11) will be similar again, although say that London and East Anglia could hit 40C at around midday.

We could also see temperatures in the mid to high thirties creep in a bit further North, particularly up the East coast and possibly reaching Middlesbrough.

Temperatures in Scotland and Northern Ireland are expected to be one or two notches higher on Thursday compared to the start of the week.

Friday (August 12) should bring warmer temperatures to more people, according to, before things get really, really hot on Saturday (August 13).

The site's temperature map has some parts of Scotland – particularly around Edinburgh and nearer the border – hitting 29C or 30C on Friday in the early afternoon.

South Wales could hit 38C, with 40C predicted in southern-central regions and the East.

Saturday may see another record-breaking day as the forecaster warns of a sweltering 43C blast in Cambridgeshire at around midday.

London, the South Coast and East Anglia could also join the 40 club, whereas elsewhere things will be much as they were on Friday.

Midday Sunday (August 14) may see the capital hit 43C for the first time ever, with 40C to 42C forecast further East and South around midday.

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