UK August heatwave forecast: Meteorologist reveals likelihood of ‘exceptional 40C blast

UK weather: Heavy showers with windy conditions expected

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On Tuesday, July 19 a historical record was broken as the country experienced its hottest ever day at 40.3C. But this pinnacle period was met with a red extreme heat warning which, for the first time ever, meant the population was at risk of health implications or death. In the weeks since, the mercury has returned to a somewhat normal level for this time of year. The Met Office has said July’s heatwave was exceptional and that they had never before forecast such temperatures.

Early indicators now show the next burst of hot weather will be next week, with thermometers set to record a sizzling 32C by Thursday, August 11.

It’s the first proper heat spike to return since last month – and it will undoubtedly leave many people wondering if 38C to 40C heights are now the new norm.

Senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, Jim Dale, has sought to quash these fears by speaking exclusively to about the chances of such abnormal temperatures returning.

“No, almost certainly not,” he said. “It was exceptional and record breaking.”

“It is unlikely to be repeated this summer but climate change is the hidden factor.”

He said a high pressure system will move in from the Azores this Friday, with the mercury hotting up by the middle of next week.

But instead of unbearably hot conditions, a benchmark of 32C is the current prediction.

Mr Dale added: “I can’t be 100 percent sure of top temperatures next week, but 30C is the current mark.

“It will be in the high 20s on the weekend in the south and in the 30s next week.”

But this short heat spike will come crashing down with storms by the middle of the month, he said.

It is too early to give any more specifics on when and where at this time.

Maps show temperatures creeping up to the late 20s early next week, with day one of the 30C heat to strike on Wednesday, August 10.

Temperatures will hit 30C by at least 6pm along the south coast from Sussex, through to the South West.

Parts of southern Wales may also experience the first heatwave of the month.

By Thursday, this heat will be far more widespread, almost covering England in its entirety before cooling down again in time for the weekend.

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