U.S. florist creates toilet paper bouquets in response to coronavirus panic-buying

As shoppers rush to stores to panic-buy toilet paper during the COVID-19 outbreak, one U.S. florist has figured out a way to capitalize on the circumstances.

Blossom Events and Florist, an Arkansas-based company, has swapped out flowers for toilet paper rolls in a bid to help its clients make their loved ones smile during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company shared a photo of one of its employees holding a beautiful bouquet of hygienic paper on Friday, writing: “Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Same-day delivery… While supplies last.”

It’s a move to encourage people to support a local business while also sharing a highly sought-after product.

“Everybody needs a good laugh,” David Faulkner, co-owner of the company, told Wave3. “As you can see, we aren’t just your typical florist.”

The bouquet of toilet paper costs the same as a dozen roses, KAIT8 reports, ringing in at US$75.

“Same element, same base. Same concept. It has greenery, it has water, it has a vase, it has a ribbon,” Faulkner told the broadcast station. “Lots of mechanics on the inside. It took a lot of labour. You just can’t make tissue paper look pretty. You just can’t.”

The idea has taken the internet by storm, as the company’s social media post now boasts 133,000 shares, nearly 3,000 comments and 10,000 reactions.

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