Two mega snow blizzards to hit UK with ’10cm per hour’ to fall across the nation

The UK is set to be battered by two mega blizzards in the coming days.

And the exact time to expect snow, where to find it and how much will fall has also been identified by advanced weather modelling maps.

The plummeting temperatures will be caused by a sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) – the exact same weather phenomenon that preceded the arrival of 2018's Beast from the East, which also left a trail of destruction due to bitter strong winds and the heavy snow fall.

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WX Charts' maps show some minor flurries will hit northern regions on Saturday (March 4) and Sunday (March 5), before two blizzards make landfall in the space of just three days.

The first is expected to hit the south of the nation in the early hours of Thursday (March 9), impacting most of the country south of Birmingham overnight.

Cardiff appears to be set to bear the worst of the initial downpour, with London also in the firing line.

British Weather Services' Jim Dale said: "There’s no reason we won’t be seeing those kinds of temperatures if the profile I’m expecting does eventuate. Snow could well be involved.

"It certainly will be for Scotland and the chances are that will also be the case for a good part of the UK. This is all about what happened in the last week or two, and that’s the atmosphere above the poles warming up dramatically and sending cold air starting to spill south.

"It does look like it will envelop us – to a point anyway – and around the 3rd or 4th of March and onwards from there."

As the day progresses, the snow will creep northward with Northern Ireland, Scotland and the rest of England set to see some of the white stuff.

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In both Cardiff and Yorkshire, snow is forecast to fall at a staggering rate, around 10cm per hour.

Although it is too far out for WX Charts to estimate how much will settle on the ground, the most snow tends to settle in rural and hilly areas.

As Thursday turns into Friday (March 10), the blizzard will move off into the North Sea, blanketing much of the east coast as it does so.

The second major bout of snow is expected to come in the early hours of Saturday (March 11).

WX Charts' maps show a gigantic weather front, stretching from Northern Ireland across the UK and even into mainland Europe, sweeping in from the south-west.


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