Torrential downpours across Britain as week starts with washout in the UK

If you're self-isolating to avoid coronavirus as the pandemic spreads across Britain at least you won't be missing out on any sunshine over the next few days.

Wet weather is forecast to barrel across the UK in a band of rain – bringing the possibility of frost in a very wintry start to the week.

The Met Office predicts showers will set in on Sunday evening but should fade away quickly.

Tonight will be a chilly one with "widespread frost" expected.

Wales and northern England have already seen extensive showers today which have pushed southeastwards as the day progressed and will clear from the southeastern corner this evening.

Temperatures in some parts of Northern Ireland are expected to plummet to a shiver-inducing 0C, as are some regions in central Scotland.

"Tomorrow outbreaks of rain push into Northern Ireland and western Scotland," Weather Outlook's latest forecast reads.

"Elsewhere it remains dry but after a bright start cloud builds from the northwest. Temperatures will be similar to today's."

Today's temperatures have ranged from 6C in the north to 12C in the south.

"Tuesday sees wet weather continuing to affect the north-west of the UK. In other areas, it should be mostly dry and some bright spells are likely.

"Through Wednesday a band of rain pushes southwards. Clearer and colder conditions follow it from the north with wintry showers in Scotland.

"During the rest of the week high pressure becomes centred close to the UK. It should lead to a good deal of quiet and rather cold weather.

"Night-time frosts possibly become widespread and later on there is a chance of wintry showers in southern and eastern counties."

The Met Office forecasts that southern regions will become "much colder" from Tuesday as icy winds blow down from the north.

There are currently no weather warnings in place for the UK.

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