‘Time traveller from 2049’ claims world will be struck by ‘zombie virus’ by 2024

A mysterious social media user who claims to be a "time traveller from the year 2049" says the human race will be struck by a "zombie virus" between 2023 and 2024.

The self-professed time warper, who calls himself Trevor the Time Traveller, claims to be visiting from more than two decades into our future in search of his pal Roger aka 'Chronos'.

But while on his so-called mission, the bloke stopped to make videos, warning people of what's to come – with claims about catastrophic events from aliens to natural disasters.

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However, among these warnings, Trevor said people will fall victim to a "zombie virus", which he claims will infect a quarter of the world's population by 2024.

In the video, which has gained more than 5,000 views, the creator wrote: "Here are 3 important dates you absolutely NEED to remember.

"In 2023-24, a zombie virus will spread, infecting 1/4 of the population but will be cured.

"12/15/2025: Ohio will announce a war against the whole world.

"Remember this date 2/25/2043. Something BIG happens. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!"

TikTok viewers were left in hysterics over the clip as they told Trevor he had made a "good joke".

One user wrote: "Nice joke."

Another said: "Ohio… really dude? Such a joke!"

A third commented: "How can a state declare war against the world…this is all a sham."

A fourth asked: "What will happen to me in the future?"

The news comes after a TikTok user who claims to be a "time traveller from the year 2858", said they know how the world is going to end.

The user, who posts under the username @darknesstimetravel, has gained more than 12,000 followers by posting outlandish claims about future events – with everything from wormholes to humans using Mars as a "back-up planet".

But in their most recent video, the user revealed that war with an alien species would spark the end of the world – less than two decades away.

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