Three men including OAP sentenced to brutal death by stoning for being gay

Three gay men have been told they will be killed by stoning as a punishment for their homosexuality.

The evil ruling was announced by an Islamic sharia court in Nigeria's northern state of Bauchi.

Several backwards laws carry a death sentence in the area – and as well as being gay, locals can also expect brutal penalties for adultery and blasphemy.

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Judge Munka'ilu Sabo ordered that all three men, including a 70-year-old, be put to death as a punishment for their sexuality.

The pre-historic monster sent them to their graves on Thursday (June 30) but said they have 30 days to appeal the ruling.

Northern Nigeria is mainly under Islamic rule and strict sharia law has swept fear throughout the area.

Top cop in the religious police, Adam Dan Kafi, helps lead the Ningi local government area of Bauchi.

He said the gay trio was taken into custody on June 14 before being sent to court.

None of the victims had a lawyer present when the appalling ruling was finalised.

Through some parts of Nigeria, gay rights are non-existent and locals can be thrown behind bars for years for any public display of a same sex relationship.

Brave activists hope the cruel decision could help to shine a spotlight on how sharia law can fit into a county with a constitution that is neutral on religion.

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Nigerian Chief Superintendent Dolapo Badmos previously warned anyone who isn't straight should leave the country.

Her appalling statement read: “If you are homosexually inclined, Nigeria is not a place for you. There is a law here that criminalises homosexual clubs, associations and organisations with penalties of up to 15 years in jail.

“So, if you are a homosexual in nature, leave the country or face prosecution. But before you say, ‘does this matter?’ Kindly note that anything against the law of the land is criminal and all crimes will be punished accordingly.”


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