Terrifying moment young boys dance on level crossing as 125mph train speeds past

This is the terrifying moment two young children playing on rail tracks when a moving train passes at speed of 125mph.

The incident was recorded on CCTV at Wantage Road level crossing in Grove, Oxfordshire on Monday, July 4.

Network Rail warned the public that the railway " is now a playground" and shared the video on social media showing two boys walking on a crossing where it crosses four tracks of the main line between Didcot and Swindon.

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They appear to point at an incoming Great Western Railway train and wave at the driver moments before the train speeds past the pair.

They put their hands in the air and dance just one track away, while watching the high-speed train move.

As soon as the path is cleared, two women get on the tracks, seemingly pushing the boys to cross the tracks.

Alison Kramer, Network Rail’s Community Safety Manager, said: "The behaviour of the children captured by CCTV is really shocking and reckless. The railway is not a playground and what they are doing is extremely dangerous.

“It is particularly disappointing to see this sort of mindless behaviour particularly when we work so hard alongside the British Transport Police in engaging with local schools and the community to educate people about how to behave safely when near the railway.

"We sincerely urge parents in this area to speak to their children and ensure they understand the risks of trespassing and ask the public to report any trespass incidents they witness."

British Transport Police's embedded inspector Darren Burridge also added that the risks on and around the railway result in "tragic consequences or life-changing injuries".

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He said: "These recent instances at Wantage Road level crossing are particularly concerning and worrying; the behaviour of these children is mindless and extremely dangerous.

"We will continue to work with our colleagues at Network Rail to identify those who persist to trespass and deliberately misuse the level crossings and help educate children and their parents about the risks of playing around on or near the railway."


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