Terrifying moment braking cyclist flies through air after smashing into car

A terrifying video shows a cyclist fly through the air when he suddenly crashes into the back of a car.

In the clip, uploaded on Facebook on July 28, a dashcam recorder shows traffic moving down Holderness Road in Hull.

There is an empty bus and cycle lane to the left and cars are driving single file down the lane on the right.

A car then turns left into a side street and, just seconds later, a man riding a bike veers into the right-hand lane and crashes into the back of the car.

The collision is so hard he comes flying over the handlebars of his bike and rolls twice after landing, ending up sprawled at the side of the road.

Luckily the cyclist appeared to be unharmed and quickly got back to his feet and had a brief discussion with the driver of the car he crashed into.

The cyclist then drags his bike over to the safety of the pavement and the car drives away.

People were divided over the footage when it was uploaded on the Driving In Hull Facebook group.

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Some viewers were blaming the cyclist and claiming he should have been in the cycle lane and others reckoned there might be something else that contributed to the crash but was not caught on camera.

One person commented: "He [the cyclist] reacted to the car that began to turn left.

"He has two options try to go around the car or potentially hit it side on."

A second user said: "It looks as though the cyclist anticipated the car signalling late was turning into East Park was crossing without considering the cyclist who tried to do an emergency stop."

Someone else joked: "Them brakes are mint! 10/10 for performance."

A fourth blasted: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a muppet in lycra."

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