Terrified baby dolphin lifted out sea by bozo for Instagram snap found dead

A "bozo" teen is facing death threats after he grabbed a baby dolphin from the sea – that was later found dead.

The long haired fool posted a pic on Instagram of him struggling to hold the distressed mammal – as his moron pal gives the finger to the camera on a beach in Florida, United States.

The lad has been branded an 'entitled punk' by seething anglers and locals – and could face arrest under illegal fishing rules.

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Marine biologists confirmed the animal, seen in the now-deleted posts which sparked widespread fury, was the calf later found dead on the beach.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has since been included in a federal investigation into the photographs, which triggered outrage.

Charges are yet to be made as marine biologists confirm the now deceased dolphin was successfully identified through the shape of its fins, the Daily Mail reported.

One outraged angler labelled the teenager a "bozo" who believes the actions of the dolphin-handling individual will "give the rest of us a bad rap. You're clearly not even remorseful for your actions. Entitled punk."

Dr. Quincy Gibson of the University of North Florida's Dolphin Research Program said: "The shape matches the one in the photo where the dolphin's being held."

Dolphins are unable to survive if removed from water, which causes suffocation when out of their natural habitat for prolonged periods, as was the case for this poor marine animal.

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A brief statement from the unnamed teen was reported at the time of the incident, where he claimed they "tried to see if it [the dolphin] was still alive, or if we could revive it."

He later stated there was "nothing we could do" and instead took a photo with the dolphin, which Dr Gibson says could have been alive at the time.

The University of North Florida representative says it would be hard to tell if it were deceased, but that it was "highly likely that it died after".

Dr Gibson added: "There is a very small chance that it was deceased recently when they picked it up in the water. But based off of the reports that I've heard and the photo and the way that the people are behaving in the photo, it makes it seem like they did catch it and it was potentially alive at that point."

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