Teacher orders children to flee after spotting snake in classroom

A teacher was left shocked after discovering a deadly animal hiding behind a child’s backpack at a daycare centre in Australia. The woman initially thought the creature was a toy after pulling out the child’s backpack and noticing something behind it. But she quickly realised it was something much worse after noticing it was breathing and urgently told the children to vacate the room in Coombabah.

Teachers kept the space clear and quiet until Tim Hudson of Hudson Snake Catching arrived.

Even Hudson, who regularly deals with snakes, was stunned to see the red-bellied black snake lurking among children’s things.

“I was shocked [to see] it was in the bag area inside a classroom,” Hudson told The Dodo. “As a parent of a 3-year-old in childcare, it certainly [is] a concern.”

Carefully, Hudson secured the snake’s tail and gently placed him on the ground before luring him into a snake-catching bag.

“That’s not a toy snake,” Hudson wrote in a video of the capture posted to Facebook.

The snake has now been taken to a wildlife conservation where it will be kept.

Hudson noted that this habitat is far enough away from the school that the snake will be unable to return.

Thankfully, no one was harmed in the incident.

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