Talking about it breaks down those barriers – Kimberley Walsh on why shes gathering her family for a chat

Knowledge, they say, is power. And it’s never been easier to learn how to create a greener home – just ask actress, presenter and singer Kimberley Walsh.

“Once you understand what you can do personally, you’re more likely to take action,” says mum-of-three Kimberley. “Conversation and helping to spread awareness are key.”

That’s why Kimberley, husband Justin Scott and their kids are supporting The BT Big Sofa Summit. The idea is to get Brits talking about ways for households to reduce their impact on the environment with the help of technology.

Here Kimberley reveals how her family are doing their bit…

Kimberley, why have you decided to get involved with The BT Big Sofa Summit?
We all lead busy lives, so making small daily changes helps contribute to a bigger change. A lot of people see climate change as a complicated and overwhelming subject – I did! – but talking about it with your family breaks down those barriers. Everyone needs to do their bit –teamwork makes the dream work!

As a mum-of-three (to Bobby, six, Cole, four, and five-month-old Nate), what’s your biggest worry about climate change?
Like most parents, it’s the impact it will have on our children and future generations. Every day there seems to be news of another natural disaster or climate emergency – but we can help stop that by each playing our part. And The BT Big Sofa Summit shows that you don’t have to be a world leader to make a difference.

How can people go about hosting their own sofasummit at home?
You don’t need any fancy equipment or specialist expertise – just a desire to do your bit. It’s dead simple. Just take a seat and start chatting. We talk to our two eldest sons about it a lot. Bobby, in particular, is more aware of the issues than I was growing up. They often talk about “saving the planet” at school.

How are you creating a greener home?
Bobby and Cole have switched from nightly bubble baths to quick showers – we are conscious of using as little heating energy as possible. We also recycle, eat more plant-based meals and reuse the kids’ clothes – a benefit of having three children of the same sex!

BT uses 100 per cent renewable electricity worldwide. Does it calm you knowing that by using smart energy, you’re unconsciously being greener?
Definitely – it’s a weight off my mind! And if BT is doing its part, why shouldn’t I do mine?

How is tech helping you to reduce your carbon footprint?
We’re swapping to LED bulbs, getting a smart thermostat to keep the heating in check, and we use a timer to limit showers to four minutes. There’s so much technology available, from smart plugs and smart lighting to bigger things like electric cars and solar panels. No matter your budget, something will work for you.

Host your own Big Sofa Summit and spark the conversation about how you and your home could be greener. To get started and find out how smart tech can help visit

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