Take note Emmanuel! Boris a major thorn in Xi and Putin’s side as ‘poodle’ Macron shamed

Russian state TV pundits mock Macron's attempts to talk to Putin

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Commentator Nile Gardiner hit out at Mr Macron and the European Union, whilst praising the UK’s post-Brexit approach to adversaries. He described leaving the EU as being a “massive gamechanger” for Britain, claiming it has “enabled the UK to take stronger action unilaterally against both Russia and China.” Speaking to Express.co.uk, the former adviser to Margaret Thatcher claimed that the EU’s approach has “emboldened and encouraged” Putin.

He said that Brexit “has resulted in a more self-confident and assertive Britain”, adding: “It has also enabled the UK to take stronger action unilaterally against both Russia and China.”

Mr Gardiner continued: “The reality is that the European Union are still stuck in an appeasement mindset towards Beijing and towards Moscow, and the UK has broken itself off from that destructive approach.

“And the EU is very weak-kneed towards China.

“Britain is far more assertive at standing up to the Chinese than the big European Union players than the French and the Germans.

“And we can see that, even over Ukraine where Emmanuel Macron acts as Vladimir Putin’s poodle, reciting the talking points of the Kremlin.

“And so the UK is far more assertive towards the Russians and the Chinese than the European Union, and for many decades I think the Chinese and the Russians have taken advantage of EU weakness.

“It has emboldened them and encouraged them.

“I think that, certainly, Putin believes the Europeans are just all over – and went ahead and invaded Ukraine.

“They view the EU as irrelevant in terms of what they would do [in response].”

He added: “Brexit Britain is viewed as a very problematic adversary for the Russians.”

Mr Macron has faced criticism for his continued phone calls with Putin.

A number of countries have chosen to cut communication with the Kremlin, but Mr Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have continued to speak with the Russian President.

Speaking at a press conference, leaders of Baltic countries Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia expressed concern about the two leaders’ position.

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Speaking about the calls, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda said: “Of course, as a state, one can try to use every opportunity that appears to be available.

“We in Lithuania, however, think that it is impossible to talk to the leader of a state that is trying to redraw the map in Europe in the 21st century.”

Latvian Prime Minister Arturs Krišjānis Kariņš said he was “convinced that Putin will not start talks until he realizes that he is starting to lose the war”, while Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas added: “We should not worry so much about what Putin wants, but rather about how we can help Ukraine to continue fighting.”

Mr Macron has said he wants “to work to find a negotiated solution” to establish peace.

However, he described the calls with Mr Putin as “not pleasant”.

He told French website Brut media: “It bothers me to talk to him, it’s not pleasant.

“But what do we do? We have to prepare the cease-fire.”

Meanwhile, Putin said he is “still open to dialogue”.

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