Swimmers stand up to shark hitting its head with mop after it comes near beach

A wayward shark got more than it bargained for after encroaching on some bathers off the south-west coast of Turkey on Monday (July 4).

Swimmers enjoying the clear waters of the Med, under bright blue skies, at the resort of Marmaris, were minding their own business when the rare sight of a shark’s fin appeared in their midst, with someone catching the dramatic footage on video.

But rather than panic and swim to the shore as quickly as possible, like in the blockbuster movie Jaws, these cool customers stood their ground as they tried to shoo the lost fish back to open water.

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One intrepid swimmer wielded a floor mop and attempted to push the shark away, which worked for a while, but then the animal headed back to others in the water and got a clonk on the head for its troubles from another mop-carrying assailant.

The shark, reported to be around 1.5 metres in length, then got the message and rather than hit back, annoyed at the wallop it received, it then headed away to calmer waters.

The video was uploaded to Twitter and gained over a million views.

According to unconfirmed reports, though, the intruder was not a shark but something much more harmless, as a Twitter user noted: “It was understood that the fish seen on the public beach and thought to be a shark was the Mediterranean garfish. According to experts, it is a harmless animal.”

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Sharks are a rare sight run Turkey, with just 12 attacks in the last 175 years, according to the Shark Attack Data website.

There are around 50 species of shark that have been seen in the waters off Turkey, including the Great White and Hammerhead, but numbers of these are very low, while the harmless sandbar sharks are the most common.


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