Student paper blasted for publishing disgraceful photoshopped image of Queen

A student newspaper has come under heavy fire after it published its front page with an edited image of the Queen and King Charles.

The paper, called Honi Soit, and is associated with the prestigious University of Sydney in Australia.

The publication decided to splash its front page with a manipulated image of Her Majesty The Queen lying in what appears to be a morgue.

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King Charles can be seen standing next to her with sadness all over his face.

Below the cover image were the words, "Queen dead, Charles next", theMirrorreports.

In the article that went with the poorly-judged image, one sentence read that the Queen’s death had been "slow, gruesome, lonely and painful".

It joked about Charles having seen his mother’s body, making a joke about him in the morgue "where he said she smelt even better in death than in life".

Tweets from the publication following the Monarch's death said: "If only someone has asked Liz, R U OK?”

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The joke is understood to have been a reference to Australia’s R U OK? Day which works towards suicide prevention.

Another tweet, which has since been deleted, said: "That's 1-1 folks #diana strikes back".

With it was a picture of the car crash that claimed the Princess’ life.

Cooper Gannon, the University of Sydney Conservative Club President, felt the move was "disgraceful".

He said: "We don't believe in double standards and this is very clearly the left weaponising what would be a sombre occasion for their own political damage.

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"If we were to publish an article replicating a photoshopped image, no doubt we would face enormous backlash because it's a lack of basic standard for human dignity.

"At the end of the day it's not appropriate less than a week after her death."

Speaking to he said: "The post unquestionably ridiculed R U OK Day. Mocking a person's death is already crossing the line; to do the same for mental health is vile.

"Honi Soit receives thousands of dollars in funding from students through their compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) fee, paid by us each and every semester.

"I feel betrayed by the very publication which I am forced to fund."

Speaking to Sky News the publication said: "While we have received criticism from a single club on campus and some parts of the media, the reception to our cover has been broadly positive.

“We do not think we should have acted with more sensitivity."

The Daily Star has approached Honi Soit for comment.


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