Stromboli volcano spews lava as earthquake rocks Italy amid coronavirus lockdown – WATCH

Footage of the volcano eruption emerged on Twitter shortly after midnight. Videos show an orange glow rising out of the volcano, as thick smoke billows into the night sky. One person wrote on Twitter: “Not to say, but Stromboli continues to cough and came out again a few minutes ago.”

Anna Zanin expressed her shock at hearing about the natural disasters occurring. 

She added: “Last email I wrote to a colleague five hours ago ended with the words #StayPositive because we’re fighting hard #covid19italy here and all around. 

“Just woke up and discovering that there’s an #earthquake in #Calabria + #stromboli going on. 

“What’s wrong with us?”

A magnitude 4.3 earthquake also shook Nocero Scalo, Calabria, in Italy, at 12.52am UTC. 

It is not known yet if there are any injuries or structural damage. 

The mild quake saw a depth of 34.3km, according to USGs. 

Some people were able to see the situation in the European country through a lighthearted perspective. 

Jessica Princ wrote on Twitter: “Look, I prefer quarantine over earthquake.”

Another Twitter user, simply named Ruby, had comforting words for people living in Calabria.

She wrote: “Stromboli is always sprightly but it is not the cause of the seismic swarm in Calabria. 

“It is the faults in motion that are many and sometimes decide to scare. 

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“A hug for all of you, this night will also pass”

The volcano eruption and earthquake after Italy became the hardest-hit European nation so far from coronavirus. 

There have been at least 1,800 deaths and the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all but essential travel to all of Italy.

This includes Sicily and Sardinia.

The country is in lockdown and the Italian authorities have advised against travel for tourism purposes.

They said tourists already on holiday in Italy should limit their movements to those necessary to return to the place where they live.

The Foreign Office (FCO) has also advised British nationals against “all but essential” travel to many parts of the world due to the risk posed by the virus, or the risk of being cut off as transport links are shut.

The EU has also announced plans for a 30-day ban on non-residents entering the bloc, although senior figures are keen that borders between member states remain open.

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