Stop taking children to playgrounds, playdates during coronavirus outbreak: experts

With so many children out of school and daycare, it’s no surprise some parents prefer to practise social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak outdoors.

But in the midst of increasing calls for physicals distancing, self-isolation and quarantine, some parents are still taking their children to playgrounds and playdates.

Craig Janes, director of the school of public health at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ont., tells Global News this is not the time to allow children to go to playgrounds.

Janes adds while we don’t yet know how effectively children can transmit the virus, they could bring something home to their family members.

One recent study found on some surfaces like plastic, the virus can last up to three days. This study was performed in a lab environment.

“The available science suggests that the virus can live for quite a while on surfaces, particularly plastic and stainless steel … which likely characterizes most playground equipment.”

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