Star Hobson killer ‘walks around prison grinning’ and has guards to stop attacks

An inmate has revealed child killer Savannah Brockhill walks around prison with a "big grin" on her face – despite needing multiple guards by her side to ensure she isn't attacked.

Brockhill, 29, was convicted of murdering her girlfriend's 16-month-old child Star Hobson in a harrowing attack, and is now serving a life sentence with a minimum 25-year term at HMP Styal in Cheshire.

Meanwhile the child's mum, Frankie Smith, is serving an eight-year sentence for causing or allowing the death of her daughter to take place.

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Channel 5 documentary HMP Styal: Women Behind Bars, which hit screens last night (Wednesday, August 17), lifted the curtain to reveal what life looks like for the incarcerated women who call the prison their home, including Brockhill.

One unnamed inmate, who was at the prison when Brockhill arrived, claimed she was surrounded by "four to five" guards at a time whenever she left her cell to prevent other prisoners from attacking her.

It is common practice for child killers and paedophiles to be kept away from other prisoners at Styal as the documentary revealed they are most at risk of being targeted by other inmates

However, despite the threat to their safety, the inmate revealed that the former bouncer would walk around the prison with a 'big grin' on her face.

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"We've all seen it on the news, but then to have the actual person be actually thrown into Styal," the inmate said.

"Everyone was at the windows, everyone was screaming, shouting.

"But luckily enough, we were all locked in at the certain time [she came in] so no one can get to her."

Speaking about Brockhill's manner around the prison, the inmate expressed contempt.

"She would have a big grin on her face," she added.

"You don't go and do that to your kid and go walk around the prison with a big smile on your face thinking no one's gonna get you.

"I don't know how she can live with herself knowing that she did that and she's still walking around with a big smile on her face."

Star was brutally murdered on September 22, 2020, after Brockhill fatally punched or kicked her, delivering the blow "with the force of a car crash".

It is understood Star had been repeatedly assaulted over the weeks and months leading up to her death – she was found to have had two fractures to her right shin bone "caused by forceful twisting", a fractured skull, and a preexisting brain injury.

Some inmates were reportedly even more outraged by Brockhill's presence at Styal, as their incarceration meant they were separated from their own children – making the brutality of Brockhill's actions sting even more.

Another inmate, who chose not to be named, added: "There are a lot of women in there who can't see their children, who have lost children because of things that happened.

"And then we're mixing with women who killed children or raped children. It's not good, especially with women because we're so protective as mums and stuff."


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