Sign our petition so we can keep calling our beloved scientists ‘boffins’

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  • Eggheads are demanding not to be called 'boffins' ever again – but your Daily Star REFUSES to let the brainiacs spoil everyone's fun.

    Masterminds claim the “baffling” term is putting youngsters off studying science and becoming top boffs.

    As a result, Boffins from the Institute of Physics (IOP) want the fun word – which is commonly used for scientists and experts – to be binned.

    The killjoys say one in five of its members consider the term an insult.

    But we beg to differ, and in response to the bid to Bin The Boffins, we've launched a counter petition Save Our Boffins – which you can sign below.

    If you can't see the petition, click here

    Rachel Youngman, the deputy chief executive of the IOP, told the Daily Star: “We would like that term to be put in the bin. It has a different connotation. It’s old-fashioned.”

    But many people use it as one of endearment – especially as mega-minds are responsible for saving lives and sending us to space.

    And social media is awash with people proclaiming, “hooray for boffins”, especially over the latest breakthroughs in medicine and the hunt for alien life.

    The IOP, which represents more than 21,000 UK physicists, is calling for the word to be scrapped as part of its ‘Limit Less’ campaign, which aims to get young people to study physics.

    Elijah Beevor, a physics and astronomy student at the University of Hertfordshire, said: “Overall, the current image of a scientist portrayed is not helpful.

    “I encourage everyone to bin the boffin.”

    A not-particularly-bright boffin at the Daily Star uttered: “We bow to no one in respect of our boffins.

    “But the berks have buggered it up with this Bin the Boffin befuddlement.”

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