Sick video of Russian troops castrating prisoner of war with boxcutter

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This is the sickening moment Russian troops filmed themselves "castrating" a Ukrainian prisoner of war.

The horrifying video, which was initially shared on a pro-Russian Telegram page, showed a group of men in Russian camouflage, which featured a "Z" patch, pinning down a man who appears to be a captured Ukrainian soldier.

One of them use a box-cutting knife and appears to remove his genitals in front of the camera.

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It is unclear exactly when or where the footage was taken, but some of the Russian soldiers who appear in it were filmed on the frontlines in Donbas back in June.

The clip was then widely shared on social media and Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun tweeted her response: "Russia has to pay for it.

"Give Ukraine the weapons we need to stop this nightmare once and for all. The world can't pretend like this isn't happening."

According to The Times, Aric Toler, a researcher from the investigative journalism group Bellingcat, said the video was likely genuine.

He pointed to Russian state media and said they showed some of the same Russian soldiers in the city of Severdonetsk back in June – shortly after it was captured from Ukraine.

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Online viewers are now attempting to identify the soldier seen doing the castration, and believe he may have come from a Chechen unit that ultimately falls under the command of Putin crony Ramzan Kadyrov.

Others have suggested the camouflage he is wearing is from a Rosgvardia unit – Russian national guard that report directly to Putin.

US intelligence reports have recently stated Russia has suffered more than 75,000 casualties since they invaded Ukraine.

“We were briefed that over 75,000 Russians have either been killed or wounded, which is huge,” representative Elissa Slotkin, of Michigan, who serves on the Armed Services Committee, told CNN.

“You've got incredible amounts of investment in their land forces, [but] over 80 per cent of their land forces are bogged down, and they're tired."

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov resorted to calling the claim, which also appeared in The New York Times, as “fake news”.


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