Shaping Saskatchewan: Brynn Boback-Lane

It was 21 years in the making.

Now that Saskatchewan’s new children’s hospital is finally up and running, it’s making an enormous difference in the lives of families across the province.

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation president and CEO Brynn Boback-Lane is reflecting on the huge amount of work that went into making the 176-bed facility a reality.

Those efforts include fundraising to the tune of more than $125 million.

“A children’s hospital is not a luxury in communities, it’s a necessity,” Boback-Lane said.

“There are so many significant differences in the equipment, in the environment. It is family-focused. It is focused on the baby, the child, the expectant mom.”

Boback-Lane said it took a high level of support from all involved in order to move the project forward.

It meant people coming together from across the province, numerous meetings with various government ministries, along with partners at the Saskatchewan Health Authority — all of whom brought different perspectives and strategies.

Boback-Lane said without those partnerships, the project would not have happened.

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