Sex workers escape led to her arrest after onlookers call police for help

A sex worker was seen risking her life scaling down a building in nightgown during a police raid.

The Thai woman was believed to have fled from a brothel in a high-rise in Tsim Sha Tsui district of Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Video taken by shocked onlookers show the thinly-dressed woman sitting on a ledge before climbing down to the barber pole.

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She takes a misstep and nearly falls to the ground.

Later she is seen hanging on to an air-conditioning unit and dropping on to a stop sign right outside a 7-11 convenience store.

A couple of men rush to offer help and get her safely to the ground.

A man can be heard saying: "It must be the police, they are sweeping the building to raid brothels."

The woman is then led away by the good Samaritan.

Despite her daredevil stunt, the sex worker's attempt to escape capture failed and police arrested her shortly after she landed as residents called the officers for help.

Police later found that the person in the revealing nightgown was a 30-year-old Thai transgender woman who entered the country on a tourist visa and was working illegally in the seedy sex den servicing wealthy local men.

She had been working when officers entered the building and fled in her work clothes.

Hong Kong police said at the time they were conducting an anti-pornography operation with the help of the immigration department. Thai woman now make up a large part of the sex industry in the former British trading port.

Organised Crime and Triad Bureau Superintendent Lui Sihao said: "We were carrying out an arrest operation when she climbed out of the window. She was arrested for violating the law."

The agile transwoman was apparently uninjured but she was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in an ambulance for a health check.

Authorities said they started an operation against prostitution early this year.

Superintendent Lui added: "They also do visa extensions, arrange photographers to take sexy pictures, and advertise them online.

"These prostitutes who come to Hong Kong have to pay the syndicate for air tickets, quarantine, and also a certain amount of commission to the syndicate."


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