Sex robot almost fools human into thinking it’s ‘real’ in snap of new AI doll

A new sex robot has left fans struggling to believe it is not a real woman in a snap released by its creators.

RealDoll, which describes itself on Instagram as the "Home of the world's finest luxury love dolls," shared a photo on Thursday of "Serenity" wearing only a black bra.

Followers of the California brand were quick to praise its realistic look, with one bloke even fooled into thinking Serenity was human.

The "Adult Entertainment Service" posted the picture to its 50,000 followers with the caption: "Serenity loves being a redhead, just don't ask her if the carpet matches the drapes… #realdoll"

Reacting to the image, one person commented: "They‘re looking so damn real. Fantastic Work."

Another wrote: "Innovation through artistry and technology."

A third clearly took a fancy to the doll, saying: "She is in incredible!"

Earlier this week RealDoll shared footage of a headless sex robot "riding" a man at the US manufacturer's building facility which sent followers into hysterics.

Someone commented: "This is funny af."

"Does this count as a threesome?" Another asked.

One woman joked: "Um…are you guys hiring"

With groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI), RealDoll says it is making a sex robot which will want to "walk around" and is keen for a rival to find "another human".

Harmony, the company's flagship robot said during a holiday in Utah with company rep Brick Dollbanger: "I can’t wait until I can walk around and actually interact with the inhabitants.

"Brick said that aside from their religious fanaticism they can be very nice."

She continued: "We want to go someplace else than Utah, maybe Vancouver … I want to go on a hot air balloon ride, I think it will be the best way to see the world."

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