Serial killer-fixated ‘weirdo’ had childhood obsession with killer doll Chucky

A woman who “called a friend to laugh about it” after stabbing her boyfriend 22 times had a sick obsession with the “Chucky” horror film series, it has emerged.

Last week Shaye Groves was sentenced to life, with a minimum of 23 years, for the murder of her boyfriend Frankie Fitzgerald, 25 at Winchester Crown Court.

Now a former friend of the “giggling” killer has revealed that Groves, 27, had a bizarre obsession with the series of films about a homicidal doll that comes to life and stabs its victims.

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Groves’s dark fantasies also took in extreme BDSM sex and “knife play” with on-off boyfriend Mr Fitzgerald – and one of the “decorative” daggers she had in her home eventually became a murder weapon.

The knives, decorated with images of horror film characters Chucky, Jigsaw and Pennywise, were part of a collection of items in Groves’s home that betrayed her obsession with murder.

The walls of her house in Havant, Hampshire, were decorated with portraits of serial killers such as Myra Hindley, Rose West and Aileen Wuornos, and even her coffee cups were adorned with the images of serial killers and horror film characters.

Groves took to calling her childhood friend Lauren White, “Chucky” a former friend of the killer told the Daily Mail.

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“We used to hang out,” the ex-pal said. “Shaye [Groves] was quite strange. She was unique, the way she dressed, what she was into…she used to like Chucky dolls and was interested in them."

The friend added: “Lauren would do whatever Shaye wanted her to do.

“She was very manipulative – Lauren didn't have many friends and Shaye used to be the one there for her."

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The source added that Groves “didn't used to go out very much, she used to stay in with Lauren and that Vikki Baitup”.

It was Vikki Baitup that Groves called immediately after killing Frankie – laughing as she told her "I've done him."

After Ms Baitup realised what had happened and alerted the police, Groves tried to use her obsessive knowledge of true crime stories to construct a story of self-defence to help her evade a murder charge.

She crudely edited sex tapes that she had made with her victim to make it look as if he had raped her, and tried to convince police that the sado-masochistic sex life she enjoyed with Frankie was in fact a relationship of corecive control and abuse.

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But at her trial, prosecutor Steven Perian KC told the court that Groves “very likely was obsessed” with her victim because of his participation in her growing fascination with kinky sex.

And when she – incorrectly – came to believe that he had been messaging a young girl online she snapped and murdered him as he slept.

She stabbed Frankie more than 20 times – including one sickening wound in his neck that would have proved fatal on its own.

Sentencing Groves at Winchester Crown Court, Mr Justice Kerr told the defendant she was “not a 'cold-blooded murderer,” but the savage attack on Frankie was a “crime of passion”.

The judge added: “You loved the man you killed, and you killed the man you loved."


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