Sea World helicopter crash survivor, 10, gives health update after leg cut off

The 10-year-old boy who miraculously survived a massive helicopter crash at Sea World that killed his mum has revealed he’s on the road to recovery after having his leg amputated.

Nick Tadros revealed that after spending months in a hospital bed, his kidneys have finally “woken up”.

He told Australian news programme A Current Affair that his blood tests results and “liver levels” are all healthy, after doctors worried for months that the boy wouldn’t make it.

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Sadly, doctors weren't able to save Nick’s right leg and had to be amputated during a five-and-a-half hour operation, reported.

“I was nervous at the beginning because I thought they would get a chainsaw and chop it off from Bunnings Warehouse,” he said.

Nick was on one of the two helicopters that crashed in mid-air above Sea World on the Gold Coast, Australia in January.

Two Brits, Ron and Diane Hughes, were killed along with Nick’s mum Vanessa and helicopter pilot Ash Jenkinson.

Nick’s dad Simon said he was incredibly proud of his “strong willed” son’s recovery over the past few months.

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“The bravery he’s showing and he’s just pushing through every kind of hardship,” he said.

“That’s why we call him Superman, because everything you put in front of him, he just pushes it out on the way.”

Nick said he was grateful to everyone for supporting him over the last few tragic months.

“I thank [Australia] for everything because I know that they’re always praying for me and caring for me and that’s the same with dad,” he said.

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“[Dad]’s always caring for me, since day one he’s never left my side no matter what.

“When I’m sad when I’m happy when I’m angry, he’s there for me,” the boy said.

The brave boy revealed what he was most looking forward to when leaving the hospital and said: “Going swimming again, doing karate, going back to school. Living a normal life again.”


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