Scorched corpse of mum cradling baby among 396 killed in horror supermarket fire

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The scorched corpse of a mum cradling her baby was among the hundreds killed by a horror supermarket fire where people were locked inside and burned to death.

Over 300 people were killed in the horrifying blaze and more than 450 were said to have been injured in a tragic fire that killed hundreds in Paraguay.

After fires broke out in the Ycuá Bolaños supermarket in the South American country's capital Asunción, doors were locked to prevent the theft of merchandise, with the decision leading to the deaths of hundreds.

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The president of the supermarket company, as well as a number of employees, were sentenced to varying prison sentences for their actions at the time of the horror blaze.

Two explosions were said to have broken out on this day in 2004 (August 1) with the first floor housing two blasts that caused a fire that raged on for several hours.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze, but not before 327 people were killed and more than 450 were injured in a fire believed to have been caused by a faulty barbecue chimney.

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Several survivors and firefighters alleged that when the blaze broke out, the doors to the supermarket were locked and deliberately closed by owner Juan Pío Paiva and his son, Victor Daniel.

They were both charged with involuntary manslaughter and a maximum penalty of five years.

But the father and son, along with security guard Daniel Areco, saw their terms changed as a new court ruled the trio were guilty of negligent homicide.

Paiva saw his sentence upped to 12 years in prison while his son, who was present at the start of the fire, received a decade jail time.

Areco, the security guard who closed the doors, was given five years in prison.

The structure was said to have lacked a fire sprinkler system and working smoke detectors, with architect of the building, Bernardo Ismachowiez, who designed and built the complex, spending two years under house arrest for dangerous activities in construction.

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