Sailors alarmed as huge shark spotted in shallow waters off UK coast

A Welsh sailor got the shock of his life this week when he spotted a huge shark swimming around his boat as he returned to shore.

Alex Brace had taken his boat out with a friend off the coast of Pembrokeshire on Wednesday (July 6) when he saw a curious fin pierce the water as they sailed home.

Due to the shallow waters they soon realised that what was following them was a large shark measuring 12 foot.

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Speaking to WalesOnline, Alex recalled: "We had just come back in and we were in ankle-deep water when we spotted it.

"My friend was standing behind me and we could just see these fins in the water, and a couple of seconds later we realised it was a shark.

“It was near us for a good two or three minutes and then it started heading off towards Saundersfoot. The distance between its fins must have been around five or six feet in length, so it must have been about 12 feet long in total.

"I’ve spoken to a few people and shown them the video and they said it was most likely a basking shark, given the way it was moving.”

The fact it was is quite probable as the Basking Shark is thought to be one of the few sharks native to Britain's cold waters.

Known as the ‘gentle giant’ of the sea, adults can typically measuring between 25 and 29 feet (between seven and eight metres) long. It is the second largest shark in the world after the whale shark.

They do not attack humans and instead eat aquatic microorganisms called zooplankton. According to the Natural History Museum they can be found in British waters between May and October, and migrate as far as South Africa in winter.

While they can be spotted in parts of southern England, the west coast of Scotland, and Wales, sightings like the one witnessed in Tenby remain quite rare.

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