Saddest ever Grand Designs home on sale after owner divorce and building hell

A sprawling cliffside mansion once dubbed the 'saddest ever' Grand Designs has finally gone on the market for a whopping £10million.

The extraordinary Chesil Cliff House is designed in the style of a lighthouse and has sat empty and imposing on the cliffs of Croyde, Devon for years due to development hell.

Since appearing on Channel 4's Grand Designs with his ambitious project in October 2019, Edward Short, 52, has been through the wringer with Covid, contactors and financial stress placing the project at a bitter stalemate.

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The burden the white elephant of a house placed on Edward's personal life was also heavy as the exhausting process led him to separate from his wife Hazel.

Chesil Cliff House's journey to the marketplace has been plagued by difficulties, most of them completely unforeseeable.

It was initially promised that the mansion would be on the market for a cool £10m by the end of 2021.

However, this timeline never materialised due to a range of problems ranging from Covid-19 complications to difficulties with the temperature-sensitive tiling on the mansion's pool.

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Pictures taken from as early as April this year show the mansion looking very much like a building site, complete with scaffolding and red tape.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star at the time, Edward revealed that they needed everything to work in their favour in order to put the house on sale in time for summer.

He said: "The main thing that has affected it now is the tiling of the swimming pool and we need the temperature to stay above nine degrees.

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"That's the very last thing. If we do it when it is too cold it becomes a health hazard.

"After the monster years I have been on it, this doesn't really feel like a delay. I think I'm only about a month behind schedule on the finish.

"When they pull everything out of the site, I'll have to redo the driveway surface and the entrance as there are a tonne of lorries, but then that's it.

"I've been doing this build for more than 10 years – so have gone past headaches now and built a lot of resilience."

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And now that the house has finally been put on the market for all to see it's clear Edward's labour of love has been worth it.

The house will return to Grand Designs in the autumn for an update episode, and it is now on the market for £10m.

It still, however, needs flooring in some rooms, a kitchen and bathrooms.

Edward told The Times this week: "I could put £300,000 worth of flooring in but it would just end up in a skip because it is my taste.

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"Whoever buys it will want to do their own thing. I spent all my money trying to make the pool as big as I can, and the spaces as interesting, and the engineering as solid as it can be.

"If you had limitless money there is still a lot of fun to be had here – I should have had more money personally before starting it.

"It was all borrow, borrow."

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